Top 10 B2B E-commerce Website Configurations with Odoo

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Top 10 B2B E-commerce Website Configurations with Odoo
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Successful business-to-business (B2B) enterprises share an understanding of the B2B purchasing process and use digital technologies to facilitate it.

The capabilities of a digital commerce system and a marketplace management platform are very similar, despite the vastness and diversity of the B2B business world. However, if you want to offer the greatest customer experience and make it as easy as possible for others to do business with you, you need an eCommerce platform with features made specifically for B2B operations.

B2B Ecommerce Platform: What Is It?

E-commerce platforms are software programs that let companies set up an online store where they may sell goods and services. An e-commerce platform created especially for companies that sell to other companies is known as a B2B platform. The utilization of a B2B e-commerce platform has numerous advantages.

The capacity to access a wider market is arguably the most evident advantage. Businesses can reach clients worldwide by using an online store. Compared to physical retailers, which are restricted to a certain area, this is a huge benefit.

B2B e-commerce platforms give companies access to a wider market as well as the capacity to sell around-the-clock. Customers can buy goods and services from an online business day or night because it is always open. Compared to typical retailers, which have fixed hours of operation, this is a significant advantage.

B2B e-commerce platforms also give businesses access to a range of marketing and promotional tools. Businesses can utilize search engine optimization (SEO), for instance, to make sure that their online store shows up at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Social media is another tool that businesses may utilize to advertise their products and store.

Finally, companies may track data and analytics with B2B e-commerce systems. The store, the merchandise, and the general consumer experience may all be enhanced with the use of this data. B2B e-commerce platforms come in a wide variety of ways. A company's platform selection should take into account its unique requirements.

The following characteristics of a B2B website will help you grow your business:

These are a few of the features we set up for a New York-based B2B cloth manufacturer. These features allowed them to free up time for something really significant.

1. Simple-to-Access Inventory via Website

Customers can check real-time inventory without having to walk back and forth to check the availability of products by simply visiting the website. This will enable you to shorten the time it takes for customers to purchase products and make payments.

2. Display Every Product Variant

Reduce the amount of steps customers need to take in order to purchase various product selections in order to streamline the purchasing process. To do this, one can:

1. One page listing all the options (colors, sizes, and models) for a certain variant is reserved for that specific variant.

2. One click add-to-cart options are available for each version.

3. A straightforward drop-down menu or selection tool for several possibilities.

3. Show The Product Variant Wise Forecast Report On Website

Customers can view the availability status and anticipated resupply dates of each variant by accessing a website that displays a forecast report broken down by product variant. This lessens uncertainty and aids in purchase planning. Features consist of:

1. Estimate the dates of availability.

2. Notifications upon the restocking of a product.

3. Alternatives for preorder, if available.

4.  Add descriptions, style sheet about the products

Giving customers thorough product descriptions is essential for making educated purchases. Included in descriptions should be:

Thorough explanation of the attributes and features of the product.

1. Excellent pictures and videos.

2. Reviews and ratings from customers.

3. Benefits and usage guidelines.

The PDF can be seen and downloaded from the website itself.

Here are some of the best 10 customized features specially to B2B e-commerce websites:

1. Converting Currencies on Website

B2B companies can now communicate with clients anywhere in the world. We can place currency converters on websites directly to facilitate customers' buying experiences. Customers can easily and quickly check the pricing, change them into their native currency, and pay their bills. This expedites the procedure and lowers the rate of website abandonment. Additionally, we may configure the prices to automatically display in US dollars if the consumer is located there.

2. Assistance in Multiple Languages

Websites with multilingual capabilities enable businesses to reach a larger audience. Additionally, it guarantees that users of non-native English speakers can still access the website. To enhance the user's experience. We can set up a drop-down menu so that the client can select their preferred language. Additionally, it boosts interaction and may contribute to an increase in website sales.

3. Configuration of Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ)

Setting up MoQ (Minimum Order Quantity0 is an essential feature for any B2B business. This feature ensures that orders meet the demands of the business, which helps with efficient inventory and manufacturing cost control. Customers will be prompted to meet the MoQ before completing their purchase, which will streamline the bulk order operations.

4. Designation of Warehouses Automatically

We can optimize logistics by automatically allocating warehouses based on the user's login credentials. This service reduces delivery costs and times by sending orders to the nearest or best warehouse. It maximizes order fulfillment efficiency and boosts client satisfaction with speedier deliveries.

5. Product Bundles Country-wise

Create distinctive product bundles for different countries. You can offer discounts or specific products that are tailored to the preferences and market conditions of your local customers by using this feature. For Example: Product A could be provided at a higher price in China but at a lower price in India in order to increase market flexibility.

6. Choosing to Buy a Combo Products

By offering combo product alternatives, you can increase sales.With this option, customers can acquire comparable products at a lower cost, increasing the average order value. Because it expedites the purchasing process and increases the perceived value to the customer, larger purchases are promoted.

7. Configure Less Than Truckload (LTL)

The shipping configuration provides LTL shipping options to businesses who need fewer shipments. Through the consolidation of multiple small orders into a single shipment, this service saves costs and enhances logistics. It's ideal for businesses that don't require full truckload services because it reduces costs and increases shipping effectiveness.

8. Commission Management

Establish a system for paying commissions to your sales team. This technology tracks sales and computes commissions automatically, providing accuracy and transparency. Given the ability to view their commission status in real-time, sales agents are incentivized to improve their performance and boost overall sales.

9. Request a Quote and Customer Support:

Give your clients more control by providing them with digital quotes. Customers can immediately request a quote from your team or make one online with ease thanks to our technology. This smooth procedure guarantees that your clients will receive the information they require more quickly and easily.

10. Streamline Product Orders

Make it easier for customers to place and maintain their product orders by streamlining the procedure. Provide options that let customers reorder past purchases with only a few clicks or place bulk orders. Give customers the option to make lists or save shopping carts for later use to improve their shopping experience. This simplified process not only saves time but also guarantees a smooth and effective shopping experience that meets the needs of both individuals and businesses.


Developing and customizing B2B e-commerce websites is an essential step for organizations hoping to prosper in the cutthroat industry of today. Building a B2B wholesale website has many advantages, including increased client satisfaction, streamlined processes, and dramatically increased sales.

Vraja Technologies provides excellent Odoo Customization services and has a track record of assisting businesses in growing at their most vital phases. Our proficiency in developing and refining business-to-business websites guarantees that your company can successfully negotiate the intricacies of the online market, offering a strong foundation for long-term expansion and prosperity.