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World-class Odoo Shipping integrations

We integrate perfectly with the world’s largest Shipping platforms with ODOO

On an average more than 7 Million orders ship through our Odoo shipping integrations

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Our Expertise
Shipping Integration

We are a leading shipping solution provider dedicated to offering advanced shipping and e-commerce solutions for the Odoo platform. Our team of experts has been integrating shipping solutions for our B2B and B2C clients. The success of any organization depends on its effective shipping operations. If you use Odoo and different shipping services, then shipping integration becomes a necessity. We have integrated a number of shipping integrations with odoo for e.g, Shipstation odoo Integration, DHL, FedEx, Shiprocket etc.

We offer shipping solutions that ensure smoother synchronization of all shipping-related processes. This solution allows you to import various shipping methods from different carriers.

E-Commerce Integration

As a retailer it is important to keep a record of all your e-commerce activities wherein, integration becomes a key point. We provide different e-commerce solutions which allows you to manage your product catalogue bi-directionally, import customer data and order information from e-commerce platforms. We developed Odoo Magento integration, Odoo Shopify Integrations, Odoo WooCommerce Integration, And we also help you to build any customized Odoo eCommerce Integration in any version.

By integrating the system, entrepreneurs can gain better control over their businesses, which is exactly what they want. It combines functions such as manufacturing, inventory, orders, financials, CRM, and such into a single Odoo system.

3PL Odoo Integration

A company that wants to expand into new markets and offer new products and services to more customers may have to outsource its transportation and fulfilment operations. This is when 3PL comes into the picture. The big business can’t handle order processing by itself. It is better to manage all those transportation related operations to any 3rd Party logistics and focus on your key point of your business to grow. Our 3PL solutions help you manage your 3PL operations from one centralized ERP system, Odoo.

It offers Transportation, Warehousing, Inventory management and Shipment features, Order processing, Order tracking, Reporting, etc. In Short, with the help of our 3PL integration service the core part of your business will be managed by 3rd party logistics, and you can track all their operations from Odoo.

Build Custom Apps

The Odoo team at Vraja Technologies is highly experienced. We provide trailer-made solutions based on customer requirements. Starting with the customer's pain point, we can offer you an optimal solution which will automate your business process, save your time, and let you focus on your core business activities. We follow AGILE methodology to fulfill your custom app requirement.

If you need any customized app development then share your requirements to contact us page, We will revert your back with the best quote.


Shipping Integration

DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.
Premium Economy

E-Commerce Integration

Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.

3PL Odoo Integration

Third-Party Logistics

Build Custom Apps

According to your requirement

Our Services

We have been concentrating on Odoo ERP & eCommerce development since 2019. Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, or running an eCommerce store or POS store, We have the right ERP system that fulfills all your requirements. Convince yourself of our service and the expertise of our odoo development service.

Installation & Hosting

You can optimize your business and its functions with the help of our Odoo Implementation services. Our experienced team uses the most appropriate approach for your business.

By implementing the right Odoo ERP modules for your business, you can make better business decisions and deal with transactions without hassles. Experts know which method is most suitable for you.

Odoo Consultancy

We are Odoo Consultant Partner with significant expertise in various industries, including CRM and ERP. A consultancy is a convenient and fast way of gaining access to required expertise. 

Our Odoo experts have the required specific skill set and are able to provide instant assistance for your business. Besides providing Functional Consulting, we also provide Technical Consulting services.

Odoo Customization

Since Odoo ERP is not controlled by a single group of developers and community, Odoo ERP system can be adapted according to the specific needs of the organization. We can tailor the Odoo ERP Software to meet the business needs and workflows of your organization through our Odoo Customization Service. 

Our team will do analysis of your requirements and rewrite the part of the code that connects externally.

Odoo Migration

Newer versions of any system always have a point to grow. Migration is an indication of a business or enterprise's growth. We will thoroughly understand your requirements and business objectives.

In addition to migration of data from legacy systems to Odoo ERP, we also facilitate data migration from older versions of Odoo to newer versions as well as migration from Odoo Community to Enterprise.

Odoo Training

Training is required as long as organizations are looking for ways to save time and money. It is important to understand the solution once it has been developed, and to perform every operation needed.

Even if your organization has a great ERP system, if your staff cannot effectively use it, it is of no use to you. Therefore, we also offer professional Odoo training under the supervision of Odoo experts.

Odoo Support

Support services are essential for any kind of company, including startups. Having an optimal level of operation for your business requires not only maintaining systems, but also consistently upgrading them.

We aim to provide the highest possible level of technical and functional support, which is essential for any successful business. Once we deliver the solution, we will ensure that everything is working seamlessly.

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