Maximizing Revenue with Odoo: A Guide to Up-selling and Cross-selling Strategies in 2024

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Maximizing Revenue with Odoo: A Guide to Up-selling and Cross-selling Strategies in 2024
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The journey doesn't end with the sale in the dynamic world of business; rather, it's where new chances arise. You are an experienced sales and marketing expert who knows how important it is to maximize revenue streams that go beyond the first transaction. Here's where Odoo's upselling and cross-selling tactics shine, providing a potent arsenal to boost client value and spur growth.


Upselling is a marketing strategy used to persuade customers to purchase expensive but high-margin products within the same category.

For instance: You have a specific budget and you wish to get a smartphone. You decide to get the iPhone 12 Pro based on your budget, but the salesperson persuades you to purchase the iPhone 13, which has new features and an improved version. This is known as up-selling and is the salesman's marketing approach because you paid a slightly higher price and a larger margin.

Purchasing a related or complementary product in addition to your main offering is known as cross-selling. This tactic is also referred to as attachment selling since it adds a little sum to an already-completed deal.

When a customer comes in to buy a laptop, for instance, you might offer to sell them a laptop bag at a discounted price in addition to the laptop.

A Method for Upselling and Cross-Selling

Smart Product Recommendations: To suggest appropriate items or upgrades, Odoo's sophisticated algorithms examine consumer behavior, past purchases, and preferences. The probability of cross-selling and upselling chances being successful is increased by this customized strategy.

Integrated Sales Workflows: Odoo's seamless integration of upselling and cross-selling prompts into the sales process guarantees that sales teams can make efficient use of these tactics when interacting with customers. Workflows are streamlined and sales efficiency is increased by this integration.

Odoo's automation features allow for automated follow-ups that are triggered by client replies or actions. Throughout the client journey, this guarantees steady engagement and keeps prospects for cross-selling and upselling front of mind.

Where can I use upselling and cross-selling strategies for my store?

You can apply all of these strategies at once or just one of them alone. In either case, be sure to consider your entire website. It is possible to downsell, cross-sell, and upsell on your

Homepage: Product suggestions on your homepage resemble storefront displays for physical retailers.

Make the most of your site to showcase your top product lines and draw in visitors.

Telling customers about your current specials, offers, and promotions should be your main objective.

Product pages: To increase sales, make relevant and related product recommendations.

Because they are motivated by a particular objective or need, visitors who peruse your product pages are usually more engaged.

Shoppers can, for example, alternate between many party dresses in an attempt to select the ideal one for their forthcoming company party.

Cart page: This is the ideal moment for an upsell or cross-sell.

Offer goods that are a good fit for the things your buyer has added to their cart. As a result, the average order value will rise.

Additionally, you can provide package discounts on related items.

How to make the most of your efforts at cross-selling and upselling?

As was mentioned, cross-selling and upselling are effective ways to raise your average order value and revenue.

However, these tactics have their greatest effect when combined with customisation.

If you don't personalize your recommendations, clients will only see haphazard suggestions. They'll be irritated by this and may even decide not to buy.

Creating the most relevant user journey for each consumer by displaying personalized offers and recommendations at the appropriate time is the essence of personalization. It's about realizing that every visitor is different and tailoring their experience on site to their own interests and behavior.

In addition to boosting sales, personalization fosters genuine connections, contented visitors, and enduring relationships between your company and its clients.

Here’s how you can configure Up-selling and Cross-selling in Odoo:


In your E-commerce Module, open Products.

E-commerce > Products > Sales

Here, as you navigate through, you will get an option to add Upsell & Cross-sell products to your website.

Let’s understand what are these options mean:

1. Optional Products

Products that are optional allow users to personalize their purchases to suit their preferences.

Customers can acquire these items based on their needs because they offer a wide range of options in terms of size, color, material, and other functions.

Consumers navigating the website can choose their desired options and personalize their purchases in real time by interacting with product configurators. Engagement will rise and the buying experience will be improved as a result.

For Example: 

You may suggest an extended warranty to a consumer purchasing a mobile phone. Every time a customer clicks the "add to cart" button on the website, these recommendations are highlighted.

2. Accessory Products

Products that go with a product and improve its usefulness, appearance, or functionality are called accessories.

These products, which could be accessories, add-ons, or supplementary things, are frequently connected to the primary product.

Bundling accessory products with the main product might result in attractive promotions and offers.

For Example:

When a consumer purchases a new phone, for example, you might suggest other items like earbuds, a screen protector, or a case. The consumer is recommended to review their cart prior to checking out.

3. Alternative Products

Customers can use alternative products as stand-ins for the original product they were intending to buy.

While the functionality of these goods is comparable, there may be differences in terms of brand, size, color, or specifications.

Product masters provide the ability to manage alternative products, enabling product setup and tie-up with the primary product.

For Example:

If a consumer is thinking about getting a mobile phone, you could suggest a different model with better specs, like a larger display, more memory, storage, or a potent processor. You can start using the website for upselling and cross-selling after you enable these features.

Impact of Up-selling and Cross-selling:


By giving clients customized options based on their preferences, optional products boost customer happiness and engagement.

Upselling is more likely when appropriate optional products are recommended based on browsing behavior and customer data.

A list of the optional products that are configured in the product form is seen when you click the "Add to cart" button. Consumers can save time and effort by adding these optional products to their cart without leaving the product page. Offering these choices to consumers will increase the likelihood that a deal will be closed.


You can strategically present clients with alternative items in the Odoo 17 Web Module, giving them options based on their needs and interests. You can offer your consumers a variety of alternative products by including them in your product creation form.

Offering a range of options enables clients to understand their options and helps them make educated selections about the best product.

Increasing Sales via Accessory Items

Accessory items complement the primary product, enhancing its appearance or functionality. Accessory product integration with eCommerce can significantly increase supplementary sales.

At this point, the product form's upsell and cross-sell sections will present them with recommendations for further items. Additionally, you can increase sales by encouraging clients to add more items to their cart.

Utilizing ODOO's strategies to maximize revenue

Increased Customer Lifetime Value: By promoting upgrades and recurring purchases, organizations can raise the lifetime value of their customers by putting cross-selling and upselling tactics into practice.

Enhanced consumer Satisfaction: By tailoring recommendations for updates or pertinent items to the preferences of the consumer, you can improve their whole experience, which raises satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimized Sales Performance: Odoo's reporting and analytics features offer insightful information on how well cross- and up-selling strategies are working. Through the use of data, firms can optimize methods to achieve higher levels of sales performance.

Choose Vraja Technologies to increase your business:

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