Why Odoo 18 features are Game Changer for eCommerce Businesses?

July 4, 2024 by
Why Odoo 18 features are Game Changer for eCommerce Businesses?
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Odoo is a leading open-source business application suite and is getting ready for Odoo 18, its newest and best iteration. Significant improvements in functionality, performance, and user experience are brought about by each iteration of Odoo. firms all throughout the world are eagerly awaiting Odoo 18, which is expected to revolutionize the way firms streamline their operations. Let's examine what this potent new version has in store for you.

Up until now, Odoo 18 has been kept a secret. We have the latest and most anticipated version updates from the Odoo 18 roadmap, along with some exclusive information from Odoo's Partner Day. 

We've put them all together in one post to give you a complete picture of the features and approach of Odoo's most recent version, which is tailored specifically for e-commerce and expanding brands. Take a sneak peek! 

1. New Location Selector Widget

Introducing the New Widget for Location Selector! This cutting-edge function offers an easy-to-use location option for pickup locations, making logistics management easier. Our Location Selector Widget makes it easier to manage several distribution centers and provide different pickup locations for your customers, resulting in a smooth and seamless experience for both parties. Increase efficiency with all new Odoo experience and grow your business easily.

2. Select Pickup Locations

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, customer convenience remains a top priority. With the introduction of Odoo 18’s Select Pickup Locations feature, businesses can now offer their customers a more flexible and simplified shopping experience. This innovative feature allows customers to choose from a variety of pickup points, whether it's a nearby store, a designated locker, or any other accessible location. This flexibility not only provides improved user experience by offering more control over how and where they receive their orders, but it also reduces delivery times and costs.


3. Quick Checkout Options

Button in Checkout

By giving returning customers instant access to their accounts for a more streamlined and individualized checkout process, the addition of a Sign-In button throughout the checkout process improves customer experience especially if you are an ecommerce brand. This makes order monitoring and account administration easier, lowers the number of drop-offs, and gives consumers access to their preferences and payment methods. This new features and improvements give better security and targeted marketing are also made possible by it. To put this into practice, make sure the checkout page has a noticeable Sign-In button, use pop-ups or modals for a smooth sign-in process, optimize for mobile, and always provide a guest checkout option.

One Page Checkout

Features like One Page Checkout expedites the checkout process, lowers cart abandonment, and enhances the overall buying experience by combining all of the necessary steps onto a single, user-friendly page. Customers benefit from a mobile-friendly design that reduces browsing and loading times, speedy transaction completion, and a comprehensive overview all on one page. Implement by creating a user-friendly layout, making use of real-time validation and auto-fill, adding progress indicators, guaranteeing complete responsiveness, and testing and optimizing on a regular basis in response to user input.

4. Order Confirmation before Payment

Odoo 18's new "Order Confirmation Before Payment" feature improves customer satisfaction by letting Odoo users see and confirm their orders before completing the payment process. This function makes the purchasing process easier to understand and more comforting, enabling users to:

1. Review Order Details: Before completing the transaction, customers can verify that everything is accurate by double-checking the items in their basket, including quantities, pricing, and any relevant discounts or taxes.

2. Confirm Delivery Information: Customers can choose preferred delivery options, check projected delivery dates, and confirm their billing and shipping addresses.

3. Apply Promotional Codes: This step allows users one last chance to change the order total before paying. They can apply any promotional or discount codes here.

4. Order Modification: Customers can quickly and simply make modifications to their orders before confirming if they find any faults or wish to do so. This lessens the possibility of revamp or cancellations made after the purchase.

5. Enhanced Security: Customers can feel more safe knowing they have an extra layer of inspection before inputting payment information because the order confirmation and payment procedure are kept separate.

By offering a straightforward and easy-to-use route from order placement to payment, this feature seeks to lower cart abandonment rates while boosting customer happiness and confidence in the buying process.

5. Show the stock quantity on the webpage

New Odoo 18 feature "Display Stock Quantity on Website" improves the online buying experience for customers by displaying real-time product availability information directly on your eCommerce website. By being transparent, you may gain your consumers' trust and lessen their annoyance when they order things that are out of stock.

Principal Advantages:

1. Enhanced Trust and Transparency:

By providing your clients with real-time stock levels, you establish credibility by showing that your inventory is appropriately managed and fresh.

2. Better Handling of Inventory:

By emphasizing limited amounts, real-time stock displays might promote faster sales of items that are not selling as quickly. It reduces the administrative work associated with manually answering stock questions and aids in controlling consumer expectations.

3. Increased Sales:

Emphasizing low stock levels can instill a sense of urgency in buyers, encouraging them to finish their orders before the merchandise runs out. This may result in a rise in sales velocity, particularly when there are promotions it can be a game-changing feature.

6. Product Under Warranty

Odoo 18 introduces a powerful new feature, Product Under Warranty, designed to streamline the workflow management of product warranties and enhance customer service capabilities. This feature empowers businesses to effortlessly track and manage product warranties from purchase to expiration, ensuring seamless customer support and satisfaction.  Product Under Warranty in Odoo 18, businesses can now offer enhanced warranty management, providing customers with peace of mind and reinforcing their commitment to quality service.

What's new in Odoo 18 is along with this features, there are other improvements for payment section where Odoo has added new bank integrations, credit-card companies that can ease the process world-wide.

Why are Odoo 18 features Important for Your Company?

These much awaited new features are more than simply fun extras; when companies use Odoo 18, they result in real advantages:

Enhanced Productivity: Your teams will be able to accomplish more with less effort thanks to an improved user interface, faster speeds, and potent automations.

Reduced Expenses: Odoo's open-source design, comprehensive functionality, and ongoing efficiency improvements contribute to a reduction in software expenses, enabling businesses of all sizes to have access to top-notch business management. It will be a class tool for the future of business management.

Enhanced Scalability: Odoo 18 is built to grow with your company, from a small operation to a huge organization, whether you're experiencing rapid expansion already or are planning for it.

Better Decision-Making: You can make decisions faster and with greater knowledge if you have integrated data from all parts of your organization, improved reporting, and AI-driven insights.

Competitive Advantage: Odoo 18 will help you maintain an advantage over your competitors by optimizing processes, enhancing productivity, and gaining a deeper understanding of your consumers better than Odoo 17.

Increasing Opportunities: Sector-Specific Improvements

Apart from the fundamental enhancements, Odoo consistently meets the demands of many sectors. Here's an idea of what some industries should anticipate from Odoo 18:

Manufacturing: To improve efficiency and reduce costs, there is a greater emphasis on supply chain management, quality assurance, and production scheduling.

Retail: To maximize online and in-store sales, deeper point-of-sale (POS) integrations, improved inventory management, and customer behavior research are recommended.

Services: Improved time tracking and billing capabilities, simpler customer support procedures, and more sophisticated project management tools.

Healthcare: Possible improvements for Odoo's prospective healthcare module, including patient management, compliance monitoring, and appointment scheduling.

Education: If Odoo keeps investing in its education module, improvements appropriate for course building, student administration, and e-learning platforms will be implemented.

Final Thoughts

Odoo 18 introduces a number of robust features that are intended to streamline operations and improve customer happiness, representing a substantial breakthrough in e-commerce administration. Odoo 18 gives businesses the tools they need to run more effectively and efficiently, from faster checkout procedures and flexible pickup options to real-time inventory visibility and integrated communication tools like WhatsApp.

Update to Odoo 18 right now to take advantage of these improvements and see how these new capabilities can completely change your online shopping experience. With Odoo's most recent improvements, you can stay ahead of the competition and make sure your company is still flexible and sensitive to client needs. Accept Odoo 18 to open up new opportunities for your e-commerce business to flourish.

Odoo experts and Odoo partners can look ahead to help their Odoo users with these exciting new features too improve businesses. Along with this, new shipping connectors are also included by the team of Vraja Technologies on Odoo Appstore which can help you fasten the process of your E-commerce Store.