Unlocking the Power of Dropship in Odoo: Features, Configuration, and Customization

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Unlocking the Power of Dropship in Odoo: Features, Configuration, and Customization
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Having an online store is a terrific idea, especially since more and more consumers are choosing to purchase goods from online retailers.

The ability to reach a huge global audience with your products is the finest thing about selling goods online.

Concerned about the costs associated with selling goods globally?

It is essential to research all relevant factors before beginning a firm or changing the direction of an existing one.

What is Drop shipping? 

Dropshipping is a method that helps a shop owner to distribute the orders and shipment information of customers to other merchants, wholesalers, or even manufacturers rather than maintaining inventory.

In essence, the drop shipping strategy is operating your own online store where you can sell other merchants' goods. Furthermore, you are not accountable for delivering the merchandise to the client.

The product will be delivered to the clients by the vendors you work with. As a result, you can save money on shipping and warehouse expenses by not having to maintain the stock.

Is drop shipping possible with Odoo? Of course!

Odoo is a well-known open-source ERP that facilitates the simplification of crucial business processes and their conversion into a single source of truth. These include accounting, sales, inventory control, customer relationship management (CRM), and human resource management (HRM).

What benefits does Odoo provide drop shipping companies, nevertheless, and what are the first steps in getting started? Now let's get started.

Benefits of Drop Shipping 

Low-Cost Investment:

DropShipping gives you the freedom to launch your company with a minimal outlay of funds. All you have to do is set up a website and link to reliable suppliers from there. Purchasing a physical space is not necessary in order to retain the stock. Furthermore, you don't need to worry about the product's shipment.

No restrictions on how the products can be sold: 

You can sell out the large range of products with the aid of drop shipping. Additionally, you are not restricted in where you can sell the goods. Since the vendors control how the things are delivered. Additionally, you can associate with global vendors.


Less tension: 

Since drop shipping spares you from the headache of buying inventory, finding a warehouse to store it in, and shipping goods to clients, it naturally lessens tension. You only need to market your company and collaborate with reliable suppliers as a result.

Diminished financial losses in the event of a company failure:

Drop shipping lowers risk even in cases where business does not meet expectations because it uses fewer resources. By protecting you from capital losses, dropshipping lowers risk even in the event of failure. You have the opportunity to advance without suffering financial loss.

Simple to Launch: 

Drop shipping makes it incredibly simple to launch a business. Your customer will create an order request on your behalf; you will need to forward the vendor's order details to them, and they will ship the required product straight to your customer.

Top Features of Odoo Drop shipping

Drop shipping feature helps the small and big business owners to tailor their customer requirements. Let's examine over ten essential Odoo features that are tailored to dropship companies:

Setting Up Dropship For Purchase & Sales In Odoo

1. How Odoo dropshipping operates

The following are the essential actions that users must complete in order to activate the dropshipping capability within Odoo:

Step 1: From the Odoo Purchase app, enable dropshipping.

Click "Configuration" and select "Setting."

Navigate to "Logistics" and select "Dropshipping."

Step 2: Set up product dropshipping in Odoo Sales

via the Odoo Sales application

Select "Products" after going to "Product

Make sure to choose "Can be Sold" and "Can be Purchased" when editing a product.

Navigate to the Purchase tab and find vendors along with their corresponding costs.

Navigate to the Inventory tab and select the Operations "Dropship" option.

Step 3: Execute the order fulfilment process

Odoo automatically creates a sales order when an online purchase is finished with dropshipping requirements met. A request for quotation (RFQ) to your supplier is linked to it.

Utilizing the Odoo Sales app:

To view the RQF, navigate to the sales order and click the "Purchase" button in the upper right corner.

Verify the order, then produce a Purchase Order (PO).

To view the freshly prepared dropship receipt, click the "Dropship" button that pops up at the upper right corner. The supplier will be listed as the "Source Location" and the client as the "Destination Location" on this receipt.

Click "Validate" after the product is delivered to verify the order quantity.

Navigate to "Inventory Overview" to see and control every dropship order.

The basic procedures to use dropshipping in Odoo for sellers are generated above. Please refer to the Odoo papers for precise information and further details.

2. Is this what your company needs?

If you are new to dropshipping or have a small selection of products, the simple dropshipping setup shown above in Odoo is a great place to start. This arrangement mostly works with:

Limited product selection: The number of products you can dropship is small.

Basic supplier management entails straightforward order fulfilment and contact with a limited number of dropshipping suppliers.

Basic automation requirements: You don't require sophisticated inventory control techniques or automated pricing. Data interchange between your supplier systems and Odoo is already smooth and compatible with Odoo thanks to a suitable data structure.

How About Odoo Custom Dropshipping?

1. Do you require anything more than the bare minimum dropship setup?

The essential drop-shipping configuration is offered by Odoo. But what happens if your drop shipping business has specialised operations since it is more intricate? The following are common scenarios where unique drop-shipping workflows may be required:

2. Common procedures for custom dropshipping.

To fully utilize Odoo, think about creating bespoke workflows if your drop-shipping needs are more intricate or your company is expanding quickly. The following common advanced features could fit in well with larger drop shipping businesses:

Multiple-step approval processes: To ensure efficient monitoring and budget control, establish approval workflows for purchase orders over a predetermined level.

Custom order tracking and statuses: Customize order statuses to track dropshipped orders' progress. You may see more information about your fulfillment process and receive customer support more quickly this way.

Trigger-based alerts: To stay informed and act quickly, set up automated notifications for specific events (such delays in order fulfillment).

Integrations with suppliers: Integrate Odoo with the apps and systems of your suppliers to guarantee smooth automation and data interchange.

Configuring conditional routing: Make rules that, based on variables like product kind and supplier location, will route orders to specific dropshipping suppliers automatically.


For a number of strong reasons, Vraja Technologies is the best partner for Odoo dropshipping implementations. First of all, their deep knowledge of Odoo enables them to efficiently automate procedures. In addition to saving time, this automation improves inventory and order fulfillment efficiency.

Additionally, Vraja Technologies provides useful analytics and reporting tools with Odoo, offering specific insights into corporate performance. This guarantees that your drop-shipping business operations are optimised for profitability and growth in addition to being streamlined.

Beyond technical expertise, Vraja Technologies sets itself apart by providing individualised service catered to your unique requirements. Their Odoo experts are dedicated to comprehending and improving your distinct procedures, guaranteeing a flawless connection that satisfies your precise needs.